Simplifying 'Business'
Flexible scheduling and appointment booking software to help your business succeed
Our Features
Tailor made features to grow your business
Create online bookings
Create and manage bookings seamlessly within your business platform
Workspace configuration
Empower businesses to customize their facilities and workspaces for optimal use
Enhanced seat booking experience
Use an interactive map of your business premises to help users locate their seats easily
QR code based check-in
Generate a unique QR code for each booking, enabling a quick and efficient check-in process at your facility
Booking management
Manage crowd with our intelligent token management system
Anywhere at anytime
Manage your business from anywhere with our cloud-based platform on the web/mobile
Simplifying Floor Maps
Effortlessly create, customize, and link your facility's floor map using our map creation tool.
Creation or Upload
The floor maps can either be created within the application or uploaded.
SVG Format
Upload the floor map in SVG format. The application uses AI to identify the seats in the floor map. Additionally, the floor map can be edited within the application.
CSV Format
Upload the floor map in CSV format. The application converts the file data into tabular data and displays it within the application. This tabular data can be edited in the application.
Linking to Facilities
The created or uploaded floor maps can be linked to any facility set up within the application.
Easy 3 Steps
Seamlessly create and run your business in just 3 steps
Please choose your preferred plan, input your business details, specify your working hours, and define available time slots.
Configure your facility settings and create floor maps using our newly enhanced map creation tool.
Your setup is complete and ready for customers. Share it with them by publishing or inviting them to your business, and commence operations.
Go smart -  Go mobile
Give customers the power to book any time from anywhere
Mobile and Tablet Apps
Create bookings and manage your business with our mobile
and tablet apps
Create bookings
Booking management
Scanner for QR check-in
Perfect Solution
for Service Businesses
A simple booking solution to manage employees and workspace flexibility
& Fitness
& Wellness
& Events
Personal Meetings
& Services
& Health Services

What is slashQ?

slashQ is an appointment scheduling and queue management tool that helps businesses manage their workspace and customer flow more efficiently. slashQ offers a portal through which businesses can enable customers or employees to book appointments or seats online. If a company has multiple facilities in different locations, each will have its own portal, complete with customizable time slots and capacity per slot.

How does it work?

slashQ provides you with a portal where customers can book an appointment online. Each store outlet will be provided with a separate portal. You have the flexibility to manage time slots and capacity per slot by outlet. You can also review the appointments scheduled for your store. Customers select a slot based on availability and get a confirmation via email with the token number, a QR code and other details. They show up at your store, scan the code and check in at the scheduled time.

What do I need to use slashQ?

You need just a web browser on an internet connected device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. You can also download our app from the App store or the Google Play store.

What if I have a specific requirement?

We understand that different organizations have different needs. We are happy to work with you in customizing the app according to your business.

How is the pricing?

Please contact us for pricing.

Could you provide a plugin or API for my website?

Yes, we are developer friendly. Please contact us for API or plugin details.