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Meet the slashQ widget

In addition to helping businesses with queue management by implementing virtual queues, slashQ also provides a solution for making the appointment booking process hassle-free in the form of a widget. Businesses having their own website can easily place this widget at a convenient spot on their page. Most businesses now follow the process of accepting appointments via phone calls or emails. This would require a dedicated front desk team in order to be handled efficiently. The process of ensuring that appointments do not clash would also rest solely on the shoulders of these employees. The slashQ booking widget will enable clients to book appointments remotely, from the comfort of their homes. Traditional phone booking systems involve placing a call directly to the front desk of the business but in most cases, the phone would be busy. This would either cause the client to wait for the lines to become free or sometimes even decide to postpone or cancel the appointment. 

With the slashQ widget, businesses can provide an efficient and convenient appointment booking solution to their clients and thereby drastically reduce the number of walkways. The presence of such an intuitive widget on your website will also help in drawing in customers simply because of how easy it is to schedule an appointment!

The virtual queue coupled with effective queue management and a seamless appointment booking system will ensure that your clients get an ideal, wait-free, VIP experience every time they decide to avail your services.

What is a booking widget?

It is a button which lets clients or leads book appointments directly from your website without having to be redirected to third party websites. 

How does it work?

Once your prospective client decides to avail your services, all he/she needs to do is click on the “ Book an Appointment” button present on your website. You can even customize what the button says and place it wherever you want! The customer can then proceed to select a time slot that is convenient for them and confirm the booking. On completing the process, they will receive a confirmation message stating that their appointment has been booked. They will also receive real-time notifications about the status of their appointment i.e whether it is on time or if there has been a delay. Customers even have the option of virtually checking in for their appointment from a remote location. 

This would help in reducing the number of patrons physically waiting for service at your facility. Such a feature would help in implementing social distancing more effectively as well as improve sanitization standards. Clients can use these updates to utilize the time that they would have once spent waiting for more productive tasks!

The widget even displays how busy a particular slot is by using an indicative colour scheme. Green denotes a relatively free slot whereas yellow and red points to medium rush and full slots respectively.

What are the benefits of using this widget?

Reduce the hassle of having to take phone calls and replying to emails. Make your business virtually available and make your website an appointment booking engine.

With our booking widget, turn leads into customers! It is very easy to get it set up on any website. Just copy-paste the code that is generated in your slashQ business account and you are all set to reel in customers.