slashQ Widget NPM installation

Avoid congestion, ensure social distancing, and reduce wait times with slashQ, an efficient and simple queue management and online appointment scheduling App for businesses..

Step1 - Install the npm module to your project.

yarn add slashq_widget

Step2 - Import the module into your project.

import ‘slashq_widget’

Step3 - Invoke the widget using the SlashqWidget object.

    width: "100%",
    height: "100%",
    text: "Book An Appointment",
    font_size: "1.2rem",
    font_color: "/documentation/1.0/invoke-widget-yarn#ffffff",
    bg_color: "red",
    container: "test-element",
    api_key: "your Slashq API Key"


  • The api_key is mandatory to invoke the widget. Get your API Key from slashQ admin settings.
  • The custom invocation should be enabled in the slashQ admin settings page, else default settings will be applied.